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January 31, 1865

13th Amendment Ratified

Congress passed the Thirteenth Amendment which, on ratification, abolished slavery in America. The vote in the House was 121 to 24.

February 1, 1902

Happy Birthday Langston Hughes!  

One of the most famous poets, Langston Hughes was born in the year 1902. Hughes came from the Harlem Renaissance, the early stages of the Black Arts Movement. Hughes was well known in the streets of Harlem, making him one of the greatest poets of all time. Before his death in 1967, he wrote fifteen collections of poetry, two autobiographies, and seven collections of short stories, as well as other juvenile books and translations. Among the many he did were The Poetry of the Negro, and Weary Blues. His mark upon this time, made him the most prolific and dignified poets of Harlem and throughout the world.